How preparing for Disneyland is similar to preparing for a marathon

When I hobbled out of my desk seat with IT band pain and yelled, “Noooo, I can’t be injured!” my coworker turned to me and asked, “Are you doing another race?”

I just raced the Seattle Half Marathon three days ago and I think an old-time injury was flaring up.

“No, no race on the immediate horizon … but, I’m going to Disneyland this weekend and will be walking around a bunch!” was my serious response.

She probably gave me an eye roll.

But, that’s the thing.


Now that I am an adult, I am realizing that preparing for Disneyland is like preparing for a marathon.

  • You take EmergenC daily because you just can not get sick.
  • You keep talking about the Disneyland trip/the race to all your friends.
  • You’re stressed that you have “so much to do” before said trip or race.
  • You try to get as much rest and sleep as possible because you want to be well rested for all the walking/running.
  • You pack lots of snacks for both occasions.
  • You booked your hotel months in advance because you must be within walking distance to the park entrance/race start.

When my cousins and friends and I go to Disneyland, it’s no joke. We go all in. (Just like I do my racing!) We are the first ones at the park and the last to leave. We strategically plan which Fast Passes to obtain when. We look up the parade and events schedules ahead of time to plan accordingly.

I feel so good that it looks like I am sleeping!

And it’s the same for marathons. The planning part comes from the training part. You spend months training and preparing for that one race.

Your heart skips a beat just thinking about going to Disneyland or racing your next big race.

They’re both so exciting.

They’re both my happy place.

(And yes, I did do the Disneyland Half Marathon 8 years ago, and yes, to date it has been my happiest race on earth despite being my slowest race).


Wouldn’t you meticulously plan and prepare for your happy place?

I do.


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