#Chasethebird challenge: Complete

From November 1st to Thanksgiving, I participated in Oiselle’s Chase the Bird Challenge as a way to keep active.

It didn’t mean running every single day. To me, it was focusing on my half marathon training accompanied by active non-running days. (And, knowing when to listen to my body). I’d say it was a success.

What motivates you to keep on going during the cold, rainy fall/winter?

Here’s what I was up to:

Day 1
2 mile easy run in neighborhood followed by brunch w/ college roommate

Day 2
Core and strength training (3 minutes of plank!) before bed

Day 3
3.5 fast miles with Joanna. I brought my phone to catch a sunrise photo but the Seattle grey took over instead.


Day 4
Run-commuted home with a pit-stop for happy hour with a friend I hadn’t seen in a while. Rode the bus for a mile after my whiskey sour. So, total run was 4 miles. It was dark.

Day 5
Was supposed to do 5 miles with a friend and 5 miles alone but she got stuck at work so I did 10 lonely miles from work to home. It was dark but I actually did it pretty quickly!

Day 6
Core and strength training. Managed “just” 2 minutes of plank.

Day 7
A double-header of ultimate Frisbee in the pouring rain. That second game that we lost kind of hurt.

Day 8
Wasn’t motivated to run but glad I went out for an easy 3 miles in the neighborhood because I saw a FULL rainbow!

Day 9
I waited 50 minutes for the bus. (Horrible night to be a bus commuter in Seattle!) Then stood on a bus for ~20 minutes. I’m calling this my workout for the day since it ate into my post-work running time!

Day 10
Had a good run commute home tonight! Ran the 5 miles in sub-50 minutes, which is a good time considering it is all up hill from work to home.


Day 11
For the Veteran’s Day holiday, Bryce and I went to St. Edwards Park for a nice morning train run. The sun even made an appearance! I may or may not have scraped my calf, causing another trail battle wound …

Day 12
First run commute home in the rain.

Day 13
Stood for more hours than sat at the office so I’m calling that my workout.

Day 14
Long run of 10 rainy miles with Julia and Mo in preparation of the Seattle Half! (Two weeks away!)

Day 15
Recovery run of four miles with Phyllis, who was in town for the weekend! We were worried we would get soaked but got lucky and had a cool with sun-breaks morning run on the trails by the UW Horticulture Center and to Montlake and back.

Day 16
Strength and Core workout.

Day 17
Storm warning in Seattle. I wasn’t looking forward to running in a down pour + windy conditions. Joanna and I got lucky on our post-work run. It was very dark but we didn’t catch any rain and the wind wasn’t too harsh!.


Day 18
Started work very early for an event so was done mid-day. I snagged a daylight run at Green Lake, which was such a treat since I normally do not see day light during runs on a week day.


Day 19
My IT band started feeling a bit wonky at the start of my run commute home. I took it slow, and I guess it went OK.

Day 20
Tried to stand for “a good portion of the day” at the office followed by some core exercises and stretching at home.

Day 21
Last long run before the Seattle Half. 10 miles along Alki with Joanna, Mo and Julia. Beautiful morning, great company and yummy breakfast after!

Day 22
Three-mile recovery run around the ‘hood. It was a cold morning

Day 23
Strange back pain occurs out of no where. Attempted to stretch. Took Advil and went to bed.

Day 24
Easy 3-mile run with Joanna. Back feels tender, but no longer in pain.

Day 25
Because I was stressing out about my back with a half marathon to come, I didn’t run today. I stretched and foam rolled.

Day 26
Annual Thanksgiving Day Run at Discovery Park with my high school cross-country friends. A tradition that is 10+ years old!

Day +29
Crushed the Seattle Half Marathon. Negative splits and a course PR for myself! Full recap to come.


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