Pre-half marathon thoughts

Less than 12 hours away from the Seattle Half Marathon.

I know the course like the back of my hand. I’ve lost track of how many times I have done this race, but I do know that it’ll be my 20th half marathon to date!

Seattle Half 2012

I have a few expectations and goals for myself.

It will be cold, and I haven’t treated my body the best in the past few days, but I want to race this thing.

I have solid training under my belt but it’s always hard to get enough sleep and eat properly when you’re with family and friends during the holidays.

I may or may not have gotten little sleep due to Black Friday shopping and my body is still paying for it. I may or may not have gone out to Chinese food for dinner with family friends tonight. (Chow mien can be considered carbo loading, right?) I may or may not have had one holiday alcoholic beverage after seeing the Nutcracker last night. (I usually cut alcohol out of my diet the month before a “serious” race).

So, we’ll see what happens tomorrow.

A Goal: PR – current PR is 1:46

B Goal: Get a course PR for myself Β – sub 1:51

C Goal: Sub-1:50

D Goal: Sub 2 hours

Other goals: Do not slip on (black) ice and fall. Finish with a smile. Crush the hills (including Mercer, which I consider that last bit to be a hill!) Out-kick everyone relatively close to me once in Memorial Stadium.

It’s been a few years since I’ve had a half marathon PR, so maybe it’s time. Half marathons are always tricky for me now that I have started racing full marathons. I don’t know how to pace half marathons as well.

But, if anything, tomorrow I get to spend a solid 13.1 miles with my friends. It’s sort of become an annual tradition for a few of us to get together and run our city three days after Thanksgiving.

We’ll see you out there tomorrow!

Seattle '08

Seattle Half 2006/7?




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