Getting ready for 2016 running and racing

I’m excited for 2016.

As I sit here warding off fears of “back pain” as I ready myself for the Seattle Half in four days, I am thinking beyond this one race.

I’m looking forward to next year.

I have one race that I’m already registered for — Ragnar Trail Cascades — and two that I am not registered for, but in my head am 99 percent in.

Ragnar will be with friends. The race got cancelled this season due to forest fires. This race is still nearly a year away and won’t be for time anyway since it’s a relay so I am focusing my attention to my “big two” for 2016.

  1. An ultra
  2. A marathon

I’ve caught the trail running bug ever since my 25K in September that went flawlessly in terms of my first long-distance trail race. I want more. So, the next step is a 50K, right? Bryce and I will most likely do the Chukanut 50K in March. Registration hasn’t opened yet, which is why I am not currently registered.

I have no time expectation for this race. I just want to finish.

And, as for the marathon. I’m pretty sure the Anchorage Mayor’s Marathon in June will be my headliner event for 2016. This will give me plenty of time to “recover” from the 50K in March. But, why Alaska?

Joanna and I wanted to do another marathon with Team In Training next year. We did our first marathon together with Team In Training in 2010 in honor and memory of our friend, Natalie. We want to do it again since it will be 10 years since Nat’s passing. It only seems fit to once again train with the team and raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Plus, Joanna and I seem to be on a streak of doing only West Cost marathons together … Alaska can be considered West Coast, yes?

Training with the team kicks off in January and we plan to go to an info session in a few weeks. I’m sure we’ll be registered for the race by the end of the year.

I have a goal time for this race. I’m chasing down a sub-4 hour time. It’s within reach, I just know it. (If I cant run 4:01:18 with a portapotty stop, I can run 3:59:59 with or without a pitstop, right??)

I’m sure I will throw in one or two half marathons into the mix at some point next year, along with shorter road races. But, one ultra and one marathon are the big ones for me.

I can not wait.

2016 is going to be a great year for racing!


2 thoughts on “Getting ready for 2016 running and racing

  1. I love planning for the next year but I haven’t nailed anything down yet. My schedule is too up in the air. Hopefully over Christmas I can figure out most of it. Good luck in 2016.

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