When all the ‘What Ifs’ come crashing

I was standing in our kitchen, talking to Joanna when suddenly my back hurt.

Out of nowhere came this twinge, something I am familiar feeling before — but not for years.

As she continued telling me her story, I went to the living room and unrolled my yoga mat. I can just stretch it out and it will be fine, right?


Downward dog, ouch. Bridge, ouch. Cobra, ouch.

“Why is my body angry at me??” I asked Joanna.

It’s probably nothing. But, that’s what I thought four years ago when a similar episode occurred. (I had sudden back pain that “came out of nowhere” on my lower right side and had to be referred to physical therapy!)

It’s probably just my body’s nerves acting up since it is race week. After all, I am running the Seattle Half in six days. I was hoping to snag a course PR but, now who knows.

It’s probably all in my head.

I iced it pretty well tonight. And, took an ibuprofen for dessert. So, when I wake up in the morning, my body should feel normal again, right?

But, what if it doesn’t?

What if it’s something more?

Going to bed with a million and one “What Ifs” and hoping for the best. Good night.


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