My Halloween 5K check-up


With 25-30 mph winds and rain, it wasn’t poised to be a PR race.

But, the main reason I signed up for this race was because my Oiselle teammates would be running it, too. (If it weren’t for them, I probably would have gone back to sleep upon looking out the window race morning!)

I still decided to somewhat push myself to identify a “5K fitness” baseline.

[Image credit: Peter Clancy]

[Image credit: Peter Clancy]

Maybe starting toward the back of the starting line wasn’t the best decision, but oh well! I had to do a bit of weaving for the first quarter mile or so. If I had been seriously racing, I would have made sure to start a little more toward the front, especially since this was a small race.

My splits were all over the place. First mile at 7:10, second at 7:50 (eeeek!) and the last mile I brought it a bit down. My Garmin told me I clocked in at about 23:18.

I’m happy with this time. I would have been happy with under 24 and thrilled with sub-23. The only time I have ever sub-23’d in my life is my current PR of 22:34 set two years ago.

My one non-marathon goal is to get my 5K time in the low 22s.

Anyone know any good upcoming 5Ks in the greater Seattle area?


[Photo credit: Kaleigh Gerlich]

My race recap aside, it was so fun meeting up with my teammates, many of whom I had never met IRL before. I was very excited to meet my teammate Rebecca — someone I have exchanged tweets with for a while, but had never met in person. She’s just as wonderful offline as she is online!


The biggest victory of the morning was that those cat ears stayed on my head the entire race!

Until next Halloween, 23:18 will be my run-in-cat-ears-PR!


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