Halloween means Christmas is coming!

IMG_3897The only reason I like Halloween is that it is a stepping stone to the real holiday season.

Halloween to me just means that Christmas is coming!

And, this is a happy Christmas-is-coming attitude.

You might have been fooled by this post two years ago about my “sadness” with the evolution of the Halloween holiday.

But, just to make sure we are all on the same page, I am reiterating my sentiments today.

This year I am not going to any Halloween parties. I was invited to one last night but with a 5K this morning, I didn’t want to be out late. And, Joanna invited me to a P1030992friend’s party tonight, but I am just too tired from said 5K.

Plus, I don’t have a costume.

I’m basically the Scrooge of Halloween.
And, I’m OK with that.

But, invite me to your caroling get-togethers, ugly Christmas sweater parties, holiday drinking shindigs, white elephant gift exchanges and gingerbread house building competitions and you won’t receive a single decline.

So, let’s talk in November!


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