A 5K check-up

Fall brings me back to cross-country.


I started running cross-country as a high school freshman as a way to “meet people and make friends.” After all, I was transitioning from being in public school my whole life to a private school where I knew only two other kids.

Little did I know that “those people” I would meet in XC would become some of my closest friends (and remain so to date!)


Little did I know that XC would teach me a lot about myself.

Little did I know I would eventually fall head over heels shoes in love with running.

So, the 5K has a warm spot in my heart. It was the first distance I ever raced and trained for as a clueless teenager.

Now I consider myself a distance runner (i.e. marathoner) but I do the occasional 5K.

I know a Halloween 5K is supposed to be a fun run — especially if it falls on October 31st.

But, I think I am going to give this one my all.

I want to see where I’m at in racing the 3.1-mile distance.

The last one was for Valentine’s Day back in February and I went into that one just for fun and came away with a faster time than I expected.

So, let’s turn it up a notch this Saturday, shall we?

I’ll just pretend I’m running away from a mob of zombies.



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