Banking the miles

I went from training for my first 25K trail race over the summer to now training for the Seattle Half Marathon.

What’s odd is that I don’t even feel like I’m training.

Last weekend was supposed to be an 8-miler for the long run. I split it up to 6 miles of continuous running followed by about 1.5 miles of ultimate Frisbee. I used my Garmin to track the distance and with all the stop-and-go of ultimate, it definitely wasn’t 1.5 miles of continuous running. But, I counted it as my 8-miler for the weekend.

This coming weekend I have 9 miles on deck. With the Halloween 5K race followed by (another) ultimate Frisbee game later that day, there’s really no time for a long run. And my Sunday is already pretty full with non-running activities. What is a runner to do?

I did my long run for the weekend today. Yes, on a Tuesday evening.

I ran the five miles home (like I often do as a one-way run commuter) and then dropped my pack at home where Joanna joined me for four more miles. We did an out and back from the house and talked the entire time as evening turned into dark night. We finished the run around 7 p.m. and I was glad I wore my headlamp.

I’m glad to bank the miles in now since I won’t have time this weekend, but I hope this doesn’t skew my training too badly. (Wednesday and Thursday weren’t options for doing a long run after work because of prior commitments and I didn’t want to do the long run the night before my 5K).

My weekend self will be thankful I banked the miles earlier in the week, right?

I hope so.


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