Ramping it up for fall racing

The Cle Elum 25K at the end of September has unleashed my inner-motivated-runner to ramp up fall racing.

Photo cred: My wonderful friend, Jackie H.

Photo cred: My wonderful friend, Jackie H.

I honestly didn’t think I was in good enough shape to actually race Cle Elum, which ended up being 18 miles. And I managed to pull off a time of less than four hours. I’m fitter than I thought I was!

If I can get through a trail race in a decent-for-me time, road racing will feel so easy now! Seems logical, right?

That’s why along with my already scheduled 10K in a week-and-a-half, I am going to register for a 5 or 10K at the end of this month with my Oiselle team. I am also signing up for the Seattle Half Marathon. It’s about seven weeks away but some of my high school friends will be doing it as well. So, I’ll have motivation to train (with them!)

Maybe this is the year I finally PR this course? Or, maybe the year I finally get back to a sub-1:50 time?

We’ll see. I know I will have to put the work in to see the results.

And, maybe with only seven weeks of training, it’s far-fetched.

But, a runner can dream.


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