All we wanted was ice cream cake

When someone wants an ice cream cake for his birthday, you get him an ice cream cake.

Unless the ice cream cake shop decides to close — for good.

I was on a mission two Sundays ago to buy an ice cream cake for Bryce’s continued birthday celebration with my family.

When Marissa and I drove into the Baskin Robbins parking lot — a pretty full parking lot — I was shocked to see the “Store Closing” banners.

“Oh no! They are closing??” I said.

I know, I know … no one really cares about ice cream these days. It’s all about the froyo or gourmet-type ice cream like Molly Moon’s. But, Baskin Robbins? Not so much.

But, this Baskin Robbins on Sand Point Way near University Village was one of those “iconic” places. I had my first sugar cone there as a child and cut the roof of my mouth trying to eat it. (After that I only ordered ice cream in a cup, and still do!) We’d frequent the place with my parents after our sports games.

Plus, my mom would always buy ice cream cakes here for my brother’s birthday. (Is liking ice cream cakes just a guy thing?)

When Marissa and I walked into the shop, the standing freezers were empty. Today was in fact the store’s very last day of business. There were no more ice cream cakes. They were selling scoops of ice cream as a BOGO (buy one, get one free) deal.

“Well, you want to get ice cream?” Marissa asked me.

“Sure …” I replied knowing that a scoop of ice cream would make me feel momentarily better. But, it didn’t change the fact that I needed an ice cream cake.

My last scoop was a coconut ice cream in a wafer cone. (They were all out of my favorite, mint chocolate chip). Yes, I decided to go crazy buy having it in a cone!

We ended up not getting an ice cream cake that afternoon. We were on a time crunch so we didn’t have the time to drive across town to another Baskin Robbins. A quick trip to QFC turned up short. (Yes, they sell ice cream cakes, but for $20 they did not seem worth it. Trust me).

The second best thing I could do was buy a regular cake. We ate it with ice cream.

R.I.P Baskin Robbins at Five Corners. A huge towering condo better not be going up in your place.


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