Two years ago today, last year today and today today

Facebook reminded me that exactly five years ago, it was my first day on the job as a newspaper reporter.

Pictured: On the job, but not first day

It was my first “real job” out of college.

This post is inspired by this one that was written exactly four years ago.


Two years ago today I was five months into my second clinical research job. I was learning a lot about Parkinson’s disease since that was our research focus. I was becoming good friends with my coworkers, which was really wigging me out.

Last year today not much had changed from the previous year. I was looking forward to crushing the Portland Marathon in a month (but failed miserably).

And, today today I am three months fresh into an entirely new marketing job. Gone are the days where I wore a lab coat and processed bloods. Gone are the early pre-7 a.m. drives to work. I am now a bus commuter — and often times a run home commuter.

I’m pleased to say that one of my old coworkers is now one of my closest friends.

I don’t know when my next full marathon will be and I am ok with that looking forward to it none the less!

What were you doing two years ago?


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