Falling into fall racing

Ragnar Trail Cascades was going to be my last “summer hurrah.” I was going to run in the mountains with my friends and we were going to camp and have fun alongside other runners.

But, the Sept. 11-12 race was officially canceled last week.

It wasn’t a surprise and it was a good decision. Parts of Eastern Washington have seen very bad forest fires this summer and the course was therefore affected.

Now I’m glad I signed up for my 25K last month. And, I’m forced to abruptly go from summer fun racing to fall (serious?) racing!

I have been building mileage weekly but I haven’t been able to get out to the trails as often as I would like and am therefore scared of the elevation-situation for the 25K.

The race will probably be a rude awakening but I’ll just roll with the punches!

I also signed up for the 10K of the Dawg Dash in October with some of my coworkers so it’ll be nice to have an “easy” road race to look forward to!

Also, I think the Seattle Half is calling my name …

Come at me, fall!


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