I’m a (one-way) run commuter!

My first run home two weeks ago was hard. From my work at the bottom of Eastlake (think pretty close to South Lake Union) to my residency in the Maple Leaf neighborhood is all up hill. That’s five miles of straight up Eastlake to the University Bridge and then straight up Roosevelt with some gradual straight-aways here and there.

Seen on my run

Seen on my run

I was dripping sweat as it was in the mid-80s. My back was drenched with my backpack clinging close to it. And, on every uphill step — which was a majority of the run  — my calves felt like they were going to explode.

“So, this is what run commuting is like,” I thought to myself as I came this close to stopping and walking home with a mile left.

I made it back in exactly 50 minutes. I did it in 10 minute pace, which considering the hills, I was OK with.

It was nice being back home and not having to go out on my run, like I normally would have if I had taken the bus home.

The second run home last week was much better. It was 10 degrees cooler so I didn’t feel like I was melting. I got into a better rhythm going up the hills and passed by fewer smokers as I had the previous time, which was a big plus!

I also ran home in a 3-minute PR!

I could perhaps get used to this whole run commuting thing. I can only do it going home though because there’s too much maintenance/preparation with running to work. (I have a thick head of hair so I need a hairdryer).

Running home won’t happen every day because a 5-mile run five times a day seems a little too hardcore for me.

However, it definitely will keep me sane from not having to deal with this every day:

No caption necessary

No caption necessary

Yes, that bus of mine was more than 20 minutes late because it didn’t arrive “now” like One Bus Away stated …

So, while the rest of you suckers are stuck in traffic driving home, or waiting for the ever-elusive bus, I’ll be running home!

I’ll wave as I run by.


2 thoughts on “I’m a (one-way) run commuter!

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