My history with Taylor (Swift)

I’ll be honest. I was a skeptic.

My friend Hannah suggested, and then strongly encouraged me to give Taylor Swift a chance. This was back in 2007.

“But I don’t like country music!” I told her.

I wanted her to leave me alone but once I started listening to the self-titled T.S. album, I was pleasantly surprised. It was catchy and easy to sing along with. Despite having that country twang to it (and, one of her songs being titled, “Tim McGraw,”) I quickly became a fan.

When people would ask if I like country music, I would say, “No, but I like Taylor Swift.”

I bought the Platinum release of her second album, Fearless. I loved it even more than her first album. Some of the things she sang about, I could even relate to!

Yes, maybe I was a little too old to be listening to T-Swift as a college student, but I didn’t care.

Fearless in Tacoma

Fearless in Tacoma

By her third album, I was hooked. My cousin and I went to the “Speak Now” tour and to this day, I think it’s been the best concert I’ve been to! We also went to her “RED” concert for her fourth album. But, by this time she started crossing over to being more pop. I liked the songs but I missed her original stuff.

RED in Tacoma

RED in Tacoma

When she decided to make the complete cross over to pop with “1989” I was a little sad.

I miss the teardrops-on-her-guitar Taylor.

Don’t get me wrong. The 1989 concert I went to a few weeks ago in Seattle was awesome. There were fireworks. They gave us these light bracelets that would change colors to the beat of the songs.

1989 in Seattle

1989 in Seattle

But, I got the most excited when she sang “Love Story.” I could’ve done more of her throw-back songs that night.

Now that I am 28, am I out-growing Taylor? Has she become too hip for me?

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see with what she produces in a sixth album. I’m still holding out hope.

At least her cats are adorable so there will always be that.


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