Should I be concerned about my weight?

I was hoping we’d skip the whole “please step on the scale” bit at the doctor’s office, but the the medical assistant weighed me and when I saw the number appear on the electronic scale, I was in shock.


You see, 132 pounds is the heaviest I have been in my entire life. I normally fluctuate between 126-128 pounds. So, let’s say 127 is my “normal.” That means I have gained five pounds!

I’ve noticed that I have gained some weight because I’ve just felt not as fit, but that number freaked me out.

I asked the doctor if I should be concerned about my “significant” weight gain. Considering it’s still in the normal BMI range for my height, she wasn’t too concerned. She said that they would check my thyroid along with “everything else.” (I was visiting the doctor because I had another fainting episode several weeks ago and I just wanted to make sure my health is OK … all my blood work came back normal!)

As I left the clinic and went back to work, I started telling myself that I needed to start eating healthy and cut out junk food. (I’m not a sweets person).

If people could easily tell when I lost five pounds, have they noticed that I gained it?

Is gaining weight when I’m not marathon training just going to be the new normal for me?

Joanna and I went on a pretty hilly trail run Saturday morning at Cougar Mountain. I told myself that this was the start of the “get Kristin fit” program.

Because, it’s not about losing a ton of weight. It’s about having myself feel fit and good again.


One thought on “Should I be concerned about my weight?

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