Learning to become a run-commuter

For the first time in my life, I am a bus commuter. It’s great not having to be stuck driving in Seattle traffic and making sure those crazy Seattle drivers don’t rear end me on I-5.

But, waiting for the bus that is 5 and then 15 minutes late, is not so fun. Countless evenings I arrive home annoyed and frustrated because I get home approximately 65 minutes after I’m done with work.

View from work — the balcony, not my office :)

View from work — the balcony, not my office 🙂

A bus being 15 minutes late may not sound that bad. But, sometimes the bus arrives close-to-on-time and it’s so full that the driver will not let any new passengers on! This has happened to me on more than one occasion. Also, my bus home has never arrived on time! King County Metro, are you listening??

I could just rant about Metro and just be upset. Or, I could just run.

Yes, I’m going to start running home from work. According to Google, I live 5 miles away from the office. Because of the lack of parking, driving isn’t an option. But, 5 miles of running is doable!

My thinking is that rather than get home angry and tired — and still needing to get my run in, I should just run home.

It’s all up hill because I’d be running from the south end of Eastlake to Maple Leaf, but I am signed up for two trail races in September, so it’ll be good training!

I also invested in a new Osprey pack that has space for a bladder and has a convenient compartment for your phone on the outside of the strap. (It’s also removable if you don’t care about your phone being right there). I’ve done three short runs with the pack — twice to class from work and once to the Mariners game from work — and it didn’t bounce or rub the wrong way or anything! The runs were all three miles or less but I think the outlook on this pack is good! I’ll have to take it out on a long trail run one of these weekends though.

I match my new pack!

I match my new pack!

I’m excited to run home from work starting this week. It obviously won’t be every day because the “off day” will be used to haul all my work clothes and belongings home on the bus since I won’t be able to carry everything home on my back when running.

I’m also really excited to hopefully get home faster than if I were to wait and wait and wait and ride the bus home.


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