Not-so-great run > Not running

I’m into my fourth week at my new job and today was the first time I ran before work.

This is a huge accomplishment for me.

As of a month ago for the past three years, I was a 7-to-3 worker bee. This meant waking up early, working, and having all afternoon and evening to run, play, do errands, hang out with friends, etc. etc.

Now I’m a 9-to-5-er (and a bus commuter), so I arrive home around 6 p.m. and am “too tired” and am too hungry to go on a run.

Running in the mornings is really my only option.

This morning’s run was not that fun. My body felt very sluggish. I wouldn’t have been offended if passerbys called me a jogger, because, well, I was definitely jogging for once.

But, when I arrived to work, I felt refreshed. I felt good that I did my run in the morning and could enjoy the rest of my day β€” and spend the evening drinking wine and eating food at a winery open house with my friend, Julia!

Even though the morning’s run was not fast or long, it was a run. It was my time to be alone and be with my thoughts. (Even if my legs felt a bit achy).

Any run is better than not running at all.

Trust me.


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