What my dad has taught me

Today I took my dad to his very first professional soccer match. It was our home team, the Seattle Sounders v. San Jose Earthquakes. My dad’s not a big soccer guy, but he likes sports so I figured we’d have fun. The game itself was well, uh … not the best, but that’s not the point of my story.

Throughout the match, I would lean over and point to a player and tell my dad, “that’s the guy from Federal Way,” or “that’s our player from Hawaii who has been on the Sounders the longest — even before we were an MLS team.” He nodded and listened to me as we watched. A few times he asked me little soccer-rules-related questions, not many though. At one point I found myself explaining “offsides” to him and he turned and said, “yeah, I know that from when you played soccer.”

I only played soccer for one season in fifth grade. The rest of my youth was devoted to basketball and eventually cross-country in high school. I was surprised that my dad even remembered my “soccer days.” He never forgets anything.

And, for a list of things he’s taught me — a lot of them being “never forget to do this or that’s” — please read below.

Ready, set, KO!

What my dad has taught me. Note, the list is not in order of importance  — just what I can remember right now.

  • Always lock the front door — even if you’re at home.
  • How to shoot lay-ups and free throws. (I gave up on dunking).
  • To insert a double space after periods in word documents, which is actually the format for writing with typewriters. In journalism school, they re-taught me to use one space.
  • Always call your mom.
  • [In the time of land lines] Always state your name when making a phone call, even if you’re calling your friend’s home.
  • Don’t forget to write “thank-you” notes.
  • I am (pretty) good at writing family Christmas letters. If it wasn’t for his lack of skills in that department, I would never have known!
  • Set the emergency brake, even if you’re not parking on hills.
  • Be responsible.
  • Never use debit. Always use…

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One thought on “What my dad has taught me

  1. So adorable! I learned a lot of what you listed there (especially writing thank you notes and locking the door) from my Mom. She always had tidbits of knowledge to share. A lot of what my Dad taught me was by example, and more thematic than specific (i.e. do stuff for other people without them having to ask; stick to your guns) – it’s not stuff he’d tell me to do, it’s just what he does every day. So that’s cool.

    Thanks for sharing!

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