Running for running

I always have this big fantasy of doing another race shortly after a full marathon.

I’ll be in the “best shape of my life” coming off of a marathon! Training will be a breeze! I’ll definitely be able to PR in a race following 26.2! These and similar phrases are my thoughts.

But, reality hits and I realize that I am, yes, a little burned out.

I don’t want to give up my Saturday mornings/days to long runs (especially in the summer months when I could be hiking!) I want to remember what it feels like to actually sleep in. I want to be able to have a drink with friends when we go to happy hour rather than sheepishly tell the waiter “I’m fine with water,” but really it’s because I’m in training.

After the Eugene Marathon nearly two weeks ago, I have gone on two runs. Yes, one and two! Both of these runs were a little over two miles. Yes, I have run approximately four miles in the last 11 days.

I honestly would have liked to have run a few more times in the past week but life has been really busy (i.e. family in town for my cousin’s graduation, packing up all my belongings to move into a new apartment, etc. etc.) When I’m not in training mode, clearly I do not make time for the casual run when there are other things to do.

But, the lack of running is reminding myself that I still need to run. I need to run not because I am afraid I will get out of shape. I need to run because it keeps me balanced. I’m planning out my weekend schedule down to the hour to ensure “need to do” things like homework and moving get accomplished but I am also planning on including a long run.

I won’t map out a route. I won’t track my pace. I’ll just go out and run.


2 thoughts on “Running for running

  1. I am so with you! On one hand, I feel a little lost without the routine and goal race to work toward, but on the other hand, I have zero motivation to run right now. It is too bad because the weather is so great and it is so light early in the mornings, so I am hoping the desire to run comes back soon!

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