Eugene Marathon: Highlights and lowlights

The lowdown on the rundown … I’m typing this at 10:18 p.m. of race day because I don’t want to forget any key components from my Eugene Marathon race!

First, the lowlights β€” There were not many, but still a few:

  • Not reaching my main race goal of sub-4 hours.
  • Completely unraveling from roughly mile 24-26.2.

And, the highlights:

  • Earning a 4-minute PR! (Final time of 4:01:18).
  • Feeling strong for most of the race! (Like I said, up until the end).
  • Running into a few of my Oiselle teammates and running together!
  • My friend, Mo, hopping in and keeping me company from mile 13-16.
  • Seeing my parents and Bryce cheering for me five times throughout the course.
  • Feeling overall good and proud about my race!

I’ll give you all the full scoop in my race recap (you know, bathroom incidents and all!) Marathon #7 is in the books! Yes, it was disappointing to miss sub 4-hours by a mere 1 minute and 19 seconds but, I’m surprisingly taking it well since the last two miles or so were such a struggle that I almost felt like walking and didn’t even think I would PR!

It’s not over until it’s over.

Good race and good night!


5 thoughts on “Eugene Marathon: Highlights and lowlights

  1. I found your blog through Marilyn; congrats on marathon number 7!! That is amazing! I know it wasn’t the time you were hoping for, but what a great effort on a tough day. I know Marilyn had a tough time, as well; must have been something going on in Track Town USA this weekend – ha! Hope you are recovering well and I can’t wait to read your recap!

    • Oh, thanks so much! Yes, it was great running with Marilyn for a portion and she is tough as nails for pushing through! Thanks for reading and commenting!

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