When Mother’s Day falls on Race Day

Is having my mom watch me run a marathon on Mother’s Day make me a bad daughter?

I hope not.

It just means that my mom, as always, is very supportive and giving.

Right? Right.

Yes, I realized after I registered for the race (back in October) that the Eugene Marathon coincided with Mother’s Day this year. My parents have come and marathon-cheered for me in Vancouver, Canada three times and Portland last year. (If you need spectator tips for Vancouver, I’m sure they could give you several!) If it’s drivable from Seattle, our hometown, then they’ll probably be out cheering for me.

My brother and I will have to have another Mother’s Day to give mom our full and undivided attention. Because despite my mom always telling me to stop running “so many marathons” because it’s bad for my knees and takes up too much of my time training, she’s my loudest cheerleader. I can usually hear her before I see her.

A lot of people tell me that I am a lot like my dad. You know, his need for obsessively planning, his artistic talents, his attention to detail. I also have to have plans, can have a creative spark when I want to and can’t let a typo in a text message pass without an asterisk correction following it (even with my best friends!)

So, what do I get from my mom? (She always jokes that it’s not running!) We don’t share as many noticeable characteristics as I do with my dad. Sure, we look a like. (Though, I get the 50/50 … “You look JUST like your dad!” and “You look EXACTLY like your mom!” from friends, acquaintances and strangers).

My mom is a giver. If you’re ever invited for dinner at my parents’ house, you better come fasting for a day. She will prepare at least three main dishes and a side dish for each guest. She will always pay for the dinner tab when out with family and friends, sometimes leading to a small argument, but she always wins. She calls in and checks on her friends who are sick, which usually includes helping them take out their trash or providing meals. She helped another friend get her child into a local grade school through persistence and some long-winded plan. She will drive you to the airport at 4 a.m. because “she wakes up early anyway.”

Often times these things leave my dad and I saying, “Why are you doing all of this? You’re doing too much!” She gives a sigh, maybe an eye roll, and will continue playing Solitaire on her iPad. That’s what she does in her free time, play Solitaire. Or, if she’s not doing that, she’s watching HGTV. Or, going to her Pilates class.

I don’t do any of those things. But, I’d like to think that I got my mom’s giving nature.

Thank you for everything you do for us, mom.

Thanks for always being my cheerleader — even on Mother’s Day.


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