Road to Eugene: 2 weeks ’til race day

I cannot believe I am two weeks away from race day. This has been the smoothest training cycle — knock on wood — that I have ever had and I am feeling very strong and ready for the upcoming race. And, since it’s two weeks and not one week away, I’m not nervous yet!

This is what last week looked like:


Strength and core workouts, no running. But, I did take a photo of Joanna pretend-running!

Just a typical Monday evening.

Just a typical Monday evening.


4 solid miles. I honestly can’t remember where I ran or what the weather was like.


Rest day. (Again, I wouldn’t typically use Wednesday as a full rest day, but this is how it’s been while I take an evening class).


6 miles. This was an easy out-and-back on the Burke Gilman, that I remember.


Strength and core workouts, no running.


Easy, easy 10 miles!

Easy, easy 10 miles!

Last double-digit long run! Shannon and I did a 10-mile loop incorporating the Burke Gilman, Laurelhurst neighborhood, over the Montlake and University bridges and back on the Burke. This went a little faster than we meant to: 8:55 overall pace — whoops!


I was going to do a little shake-out run but my day got filled with apartment hunting — and finding one! — and meeting my cousin who road-tripped up from California for lunch and doing laundry and buying groceries for the week and going to the Sounders game. I walked some throughout the day so I’ll count that as “recovery.”

Here’s to two weeks of not-so-much running yet itching to run!


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