Road to Eugene: 3 weeks ’til race day

I’m getting pretty hyped for my race via all the excitement and energy surrounding the Boston Marathon.

Marathon Monday is (practically) here! And, even though I live across the country and do not personally know anyone racing Boston this year, it’s still a positive influence. My Twitter stream is filled with Boston Marathon tweets and I love it.

But, here’s the rundown of what my week looked like:


Strength and core workouts.


6 miles on the Burke Gilman (boring, but flat).


True rest day.


5-ish miles in my neighborhood/Ravenna Park. It was super sunny and I secretly wished I had worn a tank top instead of a T-shirt! Seattle, what is up with this gorgeous summer-esque weather?? (I mean, I’m not complaining!)


I was in a melancholy mood and Bryce cheered me up by dragging me out on a quick 3-ish miles. (By quick, I mean that it was a short run, not that we did it fast). We did a loop near his apartment but ran it the opposite direction than what we normally do. Sunny weather + running with my favorite person was just what I needed that afternoon.


Long run (AKA longest run of training!) ā€” 20 miles! Shannon and I did an out-and-back from the UW Horticulture Center to Seward Park. This route is nice because you only have like one real stoplight to wait for and it is fairly flat with the exception of one-two hills. (I say one to two because it depends on your mentality on the way back!) The weather was great! The company was even better! We were going fast at the beginning (like, going sub-9s) but ended up averaging 9:02 overall pace. It scares me that this pace was relatively comfortable for me because this will be my race pace. And, everyone says you’re supposed to do your long runs about one minute slower than your race pace!

Our awkward post-run photo!

Our awkward post-run photo!


Brunch with Emily followed by debating on whether or not to play ultimate Frisbee. My body didn’t feel sore from the long run but it definitely felt tired. I’m really glad I opted out of the game because I did manage to get myself out for a slow shuffle of a recovery run and once my body was (sort of) running, my legs started feeling achy and very heavy.

Time to relax!

Time to relax!

Now that I’ve reached the peak of training, there’s only one thing left to do:

Taper time!

See you in 3 weeks, Eugene!


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