Spring cleaning

During spring, a lot of people take it as a time to go through their cluttered basements or attics. They donate trash bags full of clothes to Goodwill. They do a thorough cleaning of the bathroom.

This is literal spring cleaning.

Don’t get me wrong, this is great. My house is in dire need of a spring cleaning.

But, it’s also a good time to do (not-so-physical) cleaning/prioritizing/organizing in other areas of your life. Are there friends who have gone off the wayside that you haven’t connected with in a month (or, let’s be real, a few or several)? Maybe it’s time to actually set a time to talk over the phone if they live far away, or actually hang out with them than just talking about it or posting the casual “Let’s get together soon!” on Facebook.

Maybe it’s time to reassess those New Year’s resolutions. Yeah, that one thing you spoke so keenly of on January 1st … what happened to it? Are you still doing what you intended to do at the beginning of the year? Or, are you currently working your way towards it? If so, good going! If not, make a plan to do so. (Or, just set new goals if the resolution is irrelevant now).

For my runners, now is also a good time to do a self check in. Are you following your training plan? Do you have a training plan?

We all get busy.

We all get caught up in everything we need to do.


But, sometimes it’s good to stop and smell the flowers.

Or, stop and clean — or call your long-lost friend.


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