Road to Eugene: 4 weeks ’til race day

I can no longer drink alcohol. This race is getting real.

I cut out all alcohol consumption exactly one month before marathon race day. I only do this for full marathons. I don’t drink frequently so it’s not that difficult of a task. While training last year, I did have to order a grapefruit juice while at a swanky bar for a friend’s bachelorette party and I did feel kind of weird for it in that moment. But, really, it’s not that bad.

What would be bad would be to fail miserably at my race and know that I didn’t do “all that I could” to prepare for it. Alcohol will dehydrate your body and that’s exactly the opposite of what I need as a runner. Not drinking the month before my race just gives me peace of mind knowing that I am doing “all that I can” along with my training.

The rundown of the week:


(Running) rest day. My long run the week prior was on Sunday so no running happened on this day. I did my strength and core workouts though!


Nice and easy 4.5-mile run. I was supposed to do 6 miles but did not have enough time. (Lots going on in life at the moment!)


Rest day. I have an evening class every Wednesday so this is usually always a rest day.


Amazing track day. I did 6x800s and they were fast. Like, faster-than-I’ve-been-since-high-school fast!

Jo and I after track

Jo and I after track


I was going to do an easy 30 minutes but I spent my afternoon playing phone catch-up with my dear med-school friend, Phyllis. So, uh, another rest day here.


Long run! This was only 12 miles and they went by so quickly. I did the first 6 alone and because I was doing an out-and-back on the Burke Gilman, it only felt like a 30-minute run. Mo met up with me for the second half and we did an out-and-back on the trail going in the opposite direction from what I did on my own. Because we were chatting the whole way, the run felt effortless. I was happy with my average pace for the whole thing being 9:10!

The run stayed away for our run!

The rain stayed away for our run!


Double-header ultimate Frisbee games!


As you can see, I didn’t run as often as I would have liked during the work week. (Nor did I run as long as I would have liked for that one shorter run I managed to squeeze in). But, I think I have a solid, strong base from the past two months of training.

I’m now only four weeks away from race day and training has overall been going exceptionally well. I have not had a single bad long run — which is a bit worrisome — but, I’ll just keep going with the flow.

Knock on wood.


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