Road to Eugene: 5 weeks ’til race day

It’s starting to sink in that the Eugene Marathon is close. Sure, 5 weeks away may seem like forever for other events or activities, but for a marathon, it’s just around the corner.

I can tell you what each of my long runs for the next four Saturdays will look like: 12, 20, 10 and 8-mile runs in case you were wondering! There aren’t many long ones left!

So, while 5 weeks away is a little scary because that means race day will creep up on me, it’s also exciting because training has been going so well.

I’ve had great running company for almost all of my long runs. I have been more-or-less, staying on top of my track workouts. I added strength training, which I’ve fallen behind on with vacation last week, but will pick back up again this week.

I normally do my long runs on Saturdays but this weekend the long run happened today, Easter Sunday. Joanna and I enjoyed 13 miles in the sunshine. T-shirts and shorts were a smart decision. Also, we never plan this, but somehow very frequently end up wearing the same shirt when we run together. I swear this is a coincidence!


We averaged 9:08 pace for the 13 miles. My body felt great despite the lack of consistency during vacation.

When we arrived home, I immediately started devouring multiple bags of potato chips. (I had given up chips for Lent). 


The chips were in that Ziploc freezer bag because I started eating them before Lent. They have been waiting for me for 40 days and one of the bags may or may not have expired during that time.

Who’s to judge?

I’m now eating chips and I continue counting down the weeks ’til race day!

We are 5 quick weeks away!


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