Road to Eugene: 7 weeks ’til race day

I’ve climbed to the first peak already. The long run for the week was 18 miles and this week I’ll go down to 14 miles for this Saturday’s long run. Here’s what the past week looked like:


A true rest day. I did not run. I did a lot of chores and other “boring” things.


A truly bad day for running. I made the poor choice of eating too many crackers before my run so my stomach felt wonky even though Joanna and I were going at snail’s pace. The run was supposed to be 40 minutes but we ended up just at 35 plus some walking. Yes, at one point I made us stop to walk for a bit while I tried to make the “funny feeling” go away. (Note: I walk during my runs, like NEVER).

The rest of the night was made better by popcorn and Kurios. If you have never seen a Cirque du Soleil show, let me just tell you: I cannot explain nor describe it. You just have to go see it for yourself. It was my first time ever seeing a Cirque du Soleil show and it did not disappoint. My jaw was practically dropped to the ground the entire night!


A truly good day for running. I surprised myself with not only negative split during this 6 miler but also keeping the entire thing at sub 9 minute overall pace. (When I run by myself, it is very difficult for me to run faster than like 9:30 pace!) It was a beautiful day and a beautiful run. When I arrived back home I was a sweaty, red-faced mess but I managed to do a bit of strength and core.


An easy 5 miles with Joanna. This run was a little shakeout from my quicker run the day before. And, unlike my previous run with Joanna, I did not make us walk.


Rest day. Ate delicious vegetarian pho with Nikki after work and gossiped about our siblings. You know, typical Friday night.


Long run Saturday! My trusty Eugene Marathon training partner, Shannon, and I switched it up and went to West Seattle for our 18-miler run. We did an out-and-back from Lincoln Park along Alki. Joanna met us at the turn-around point and ran 8 miles of it with us. I felt good since we kept having to try to run slower. We pretty much did the entire thing at my race pace … and I know you’re supposed to do your long runs a minute or so slower than your race pace. Do I have a problem?? (I’ll go more in depth about this in another post). After the run, we devoured brunch.


Slept in and took a cutie of a dog for a walk. (I’m dog sitting for friends!) Then there was ultimate Frisbee in the afternoon. My right knee got bruised up a bit from a fall but, you know, I roll with the punches.

Dog walks, rain runs, and eating lots of calories. Yep, I’m seven weeks away and counting! Happy spring, everyone!


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