Back to Running Basics: Seattle St. Patrick’s Day Dash

When I woke up Sunday morning to a downpour, I thought to myself that my friends would never want to run with me again. (Or, run at all for that matter!) I was trying to convince these two friends, who were not runners, that running could be fun.

We would do a little 5K, no big deal.

We registered for the jogging/walking wave that didn’t even come with a timing chip. Time wasn’t important. I told them from the beginning that I would stay with them.

We stuck together. We were a soppy mess but we stayed together. Although they may not have been certain, I knew that they were not going to not finish. I was highly certain that I could get them to run the entire thing. And, they did!

Through a little complaining, and a few stints of side cramps and overall “pain,” they did it. We were all soaked to the bone by the end. But, the St. Patrick’s Day Dash was a success, I’d say. It was nice to be a part of the big running community and not feel the pressure of having to beat a specific time, or to push myself to my limits. I was there to get my friends to the finish on their very first 5K.

They may tell you that they are not runners, but photo evidence says otherwise. If you’re able to run with a big smile in the pouring rain, you’re a real runner.

St. Paddy's Day Dash 5K

St. Patrick’s Day Dash 5K

That’s the basics to running. Going out there, having fun and doing things you never knew you could do.

I’ve convinced one of the two friends β€” they are twins, btw β€” to do another 5K. I’m super excited about that. We finished their first 5K in about 36 minutes. I know both of them can break 30 minutes with some more time and training.

But, my goal isn’t to transform all of my friends into runners. (Though, it is nice that a good 85 percent of my friends are!)

Introducing new people to running is a good reminder to me of where I started. I was once that high school freshman who didn’t understand running. And, I cringe as I type this now, but I also did not like running at the beginning. But, I did high school cross-country because it was also social time with my friends.

That’s how running and I became friends. (Because of my friends).

And, I can’t see myself ever falling out of touch with my friends.


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