Monday musings

My friend asked me what I had planned for tonight.

Not running was high on the list. (Yay for honoring the rest days!) I’ve got to say though, my brain is so well-trained that I automatically go to change into running clothes immediately when I get home from work.

Instead of running in my running clothes, today I took out the trash, recycle and food waste, unloaded the dishwasher, folded laundry, did core and strength training, AND made lasagna.

Yes, I made an entire tray of lasagna all for myself. (And, I’m not even embarrassed to say that I ate two-and-a-half pieces and am starting to feel hungry again … gotta love marathon training eating!)

Training for a marathon is a lot of work. Whenever I tell my mom that I am tired, she tells me to not do marathons, that they take up too much of my time.

Yes, they do take up a lot of time. But, I think it’s worth it.

Yes, I rarely get to see a weekend where I sleep in, but I can sleep in once my marathon is over!

And, it’s all about prioritizing and making the time.

It was nice that today I had “nothing” to do. It was relaxing to do the chores that I normally should do on the weekends but as of recent have not had the time or energy to do so.

As someone who loves to jam-pack her schedule with lots of activities, it’s the afternoons/evenings like these where I am reminded that alone time is just as important as social time with friends.

It keeps you sane. It keeps you well-rested. It continues the word-flow on your blog.

And, it gets the trash out on a Monday afternoon (which is a good thing since pickup is Tuesday).


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