Road to Eugene: 8 weeks ’til race day

Spring-time miles

Spring-time miles

I welcomed some spring-time miles at the beginning of the week.

The UW cherry trees are in full bloom.

The sun was out nearly every day. (Never mind that it is rainy all weekend though!)

I ran in a t-shirt and shorts on Thursday and it was 60 degrees out!

Said Thursday run also happened to be my first hill workout of this training cycle. It was not fun. But, it was not miserable.

Saturday’s long run was 16 miles.

Shannon and I did two loops of Discovery Park followed by an out-and-back along the Elliot Bay Trail to the Sculpture Park/downtown waterfront.

Let me tell you, it was SO windy when we were along the water. And, because it was rainy, my eyes started stinging at one point because of all the sweat that had accumulated on my face.

I was relieved when we were done since I was starting to develop a small blister on my right foot. (Remember the gross one from the Portland Marathon? Yes, same place!)

It’s hard to believe we are 8 weeks away ’til race day.

Done with 16 miles before noon!

Done with 16 miles before noon!

We’re starting to run out of new places to run!

And, if that’s our only worry, I guess marathon training is going quite well!


2 thoughts on “Road to Eugene: 8 weeks ’til race day

  1. Ha ha, thanks, trying to do my best πŸ˜‰

    Sorry, I didn’t see this comment right away β€” From the looks of your photos and race recap, looks like you had a good 7-miler race! Have a good week!

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