Road to Eugene: 9 weeks ’til race day

Let’s see, recap of the past week of training:


Stuck to the week’s track workout: 6x800s. (Yes, I did all six!) This mainly happened thanks to the help of Joanna. She ran with me to the track but instead of doing the workout with me like the week before, she went and did her own out-and-back run from the track. I wasn’t going to idly wait at the track for her so once I completed four 800s, I just “had to” do two more. I kept it all under 3:30 with the slowest being 3:27 and the fastest 3:10. I’m darn fine with that.


Easy 30 minutes. It was beautiful sunny weather after work and it smelled like spring! Did strength and core post run.


Rest day. Went to work, went to class, you know, the usual non-running day.


40 minutes on the Burke Gilman with Shannon and Mo. We went at a comfortable talking pace. Nothing to it.


Alleged rest day: Last winter women’s ultimate league game. Good to get the legs out moving quick on a cold evening. Sad that the league is over. Guess it’s back to co-ed league …


Shannon and Mo pre-run.

Shannon and Mo pre-run.

Long run: 14 miles. Shannon and I did an out-and-back starting from the Horticulture Center through the Arboretum and then along Lake Washington Boulevard to I-90. Just past I-90 was the 7-mile turn-around point. Mo joined us for the first bit of the run. My Garmin died about a mile-and-a-half from the parking lot but Shannon had her stopwatch running the entire time. We did it at an average of 9:20 pace.

Dead Garmin can be used as a mirror!

Dead Garmin can be used as a mirror!


Legs feeling a bit fatigued. I went on a little  “social hike” with friends in the morning at Cougar Mountain. Now getting ready for the Sounders home season opener game!

Mossy, mossy, mossy …

Well, that’s 8 weeks of training down and 9 more to go! (Yes, for some reason I created a 17-week training plan). Happy training and running to all my friends out there! (Or, happy recovery if that may be the case, too!)


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