Road to Eugene: 11 weeks ’til race day

Remember last week how I had an unconventional long run where I ran a 5K race and then continued with the rest of my run to make up a total mileage of 10 miles?

Well, this past weekend the same thing happened. I had an unusual long run in that I ran to my ultimate frisbee game, played the game, and then ran home.

Maybe it sounds pretty casual but I was EX-HAUS-TED by the time I arrived home at nearly 12:30pm. (For a frame of reference, I left my house at 8 in the morning and my game started at 9! Oh, and the mileage for this day was 11 miles!)

I ran for 5.5 miles going there, played a two-hour game, and ran the 5.5 miles back. Going there was good in the sense that my legs were fresh. However, my body did not like the half mile steep hill from the bottom of Montlake to the top.

This picture doesn't do the steepness justice.

This picture doesn’t do the steepness justice.

I felt like stopping to walk but I took it one sloooow step at a time. This part of the run I averaged 11-minute/mile pace! My calves were fine but oddly enough my quads were burning like they never have (well, in a long time!)

Once I arrived to the top of the hill, I knew it was only about a mile-and-a-half to the fields on Capitol Hill. One of my teammates asked me why I wasn’t counting ultimate-playing as part of my long run.

From running kicks to cleats ... all in one morning. (And then back again to running kicks!)

From running kicks to cleats and back again … all in one morning. 

“I don’t feel like it’s the same kind of running,” I said.

So, for about two hours I sprinted around chasing a frisbee disc and players on the other team. (Next time I should GPS a game and see what the approximate mileage for an ultimate game is!) And then I ran home.

Sunny ultimate!

Sunny ultimate!

At least the journey home is all down hill, I continually told myself as I started again. My body was pretty tired. Soon after beginning the run I felt thirsty. I didn’t have a water bottle with me. (I know, poor planning). I had a teammate bring me water for the game but I didn’t account for after. My Gu and granola bar I consumed during the game too so I was fighting stomach growls as well.

When I approached the UW area, I ran past a field of other ultimate frisbee players. I was in luck. Bryce was out coaching his old college team and I snuck in and thankfully had some of his water. I was ready for the uphill back home! With one-and-a-half miles to my house, I knew it would be quick, but I wanted to walk up this hill now. But, since I was able to conquer the Montlake hill, which is significantly harder than this one, I pushed my negative thoughts aside.

As soon as my watch hit 5.5 miles, I stopped. It didn’t matter that I wasn’t home yet. I had reached my 11 miles total and I was going to enjoy a nice walk home in the sun. Plus, I averaged sub-10 pace each way so I deserved a little walking time!

I can see how some people enjoy run commuting to work. Maybe I’ll try it one day. As for running to an ultimate frisbee game? I don’t think I’ll do that ever again unless the field is located less than a 5K away from my home.

But, at least it was a beautiful Saturday! It smelled like spring in Seattle.

Spring has sprung!

Spring has sprung!


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