Beautiful day / Beautiful run

When the sun was shining brightly outside our office windows, I knew I would be having a good run when work was done.

I wore a long-sleeve on this Thursday run but quickly became warm.

It didn’t matter though. As I trotted at my leisurely pace, I ran toward one of the best parks in Seattle to get a great view of downtown from β€” Jefferson Park (conveniently located near my work).

I passed a mother pushing her baby in a stroller while her toddler walked close by. As soon as I passed them, I hear the light but heavy foot steps of a small child. It was the boy I just ran by. He was frantically sprinting with all his might. I slowed down so he could catch me. We ran side by side for a few paces while he grinned from ear to ear.

“You’re a really fast runner!” I said to him.

He continued to sprint and smile.

“You should probably go back to your mom though,” I said while still running and pointing back in the direction of mom and the stroller.

His mother started calling his name since now we were at what I would consider to be an “unsafe” amount of distance a small child should be from his or her parent. The boy zipped around and started running back toward his mom.

I was having a great run.

Once I reached the park, I was now running with a big ‘ol grin on my face.

On my return to my work building, a second child also started running after me. What is it with children who want to out-sprint me? It was cute. I again slowed down for this second child to catch me.

It was a beautiful sunny day and a beautiful sunny run.


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