The past few weeks (of eating)

People sometimes ask me what I eat as a runner or if I watch what I eat.

I mean, if looking at the food on my plate before it goes into my mouth counts as “watching what I eat,” then yes, I suppose I do.

My whole thing with running and eating is I eat as much as I feel like when I am running a lot — which is eating a lot. And, if I am not running as much, I do not eat as much.

This past week since coming home from vacation, I still haven’t been running as much and my body notices. I pack the same size lunches as I do normally (as in, normally when I am training for a race,) and I finish half of the food I bring! I just feel full quicker!

So, no, I don’t watch what I eat because apparently my body “just knows.”

That being said, I did eat quite a lot while on vacation.

Ikura donburi

Ikura donburi

I’m a vegetarian but I eat seafood so getting to eat real Japanese food is a treat.

There weren’t enough hours in a day to consume everything I wanted to.

Real matcha softserve

Real matcha softserve

But, I did my best.



Oshogatsu (New Years) feast

Oshogatsu (New Years) feast

And, of course enjoying all this good food with my family made it even better.

Lunch in Tokyo

Lunch in Tokyo

I’m looking forward to begin training for the Eugene Marathon (and to actually be hungry and eat more again!)

Because let’s be real, it’s all about running to eat, right?


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