2014 running reflections and recap

When I PR’d in the 5K, half marathon and marathon (twice) last year, I definitely had high expectations and hopes for this year. I was recovering from an IT band injury that occurred at the end of 2013, so I knew that when I came back racing in full force this year, outcomes would be even better.

They were not.

I did not PR in the 5K, half marathon or marathon.

And while I was a bit sad about this after these races, now I am not.

I am proud.

I am proud that I eased back into running and took the necessary time off at the beginning of the year. I am proud that out of all the half marathons and the one full marathon I completed, I did not have any real IT band pain during or after those races.

I am proud that I tried something new. I organized and captained my own Ragnar relay team this year. It was a lot of work since I had never done a Ragnar but it was well worth it. My friends and I did Northwest Passage and had a great time.


I am proud that while I did “ease” back into racing, I did more races this year than I have in years past. Normally I do one to two half marathons in one year. This year I did four. I am proud that I raced on my birthday and got third in my age group for the 5K race. I am proud that I joined the Oiselle Flock team and have a group of women to call my teammates.

There’s a lot more to look forward to next year.

After my “devastating” race in Portland, I am ready to make my comeback at the Eugene Marathon next year. I’m ready to put in the work (starting in January). I may also throw in a Ragnar Trail race next year to switch things up in terms of a relay-with-friends-race!

My look of pain

My look of pain

2014, you were good to me. I have no complaints or running-related regrets. I am thankful I had an injury-free year.

Running this year was full of some tears but many more miles and laughs. I’ve been keeping a running log of minutes for the year. Bryce and I have a yearly, friendly competition where we see who “runs the most.” We track it by time rather than miles because, well, he is faster than me so it wouldn’t be fair to go by miles, right? But, this is all for another post …

I can’t wait for 2015 training and racing to begin.


Let’s do this.


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