Restless runner

I told myself that after the Seattle Half, I would give myself some time off.

That’s something that’s difficult for me to do … taking time off. Not just in running, but in life.

So, I’m pretty proud of myself that I have only run twice since the race (which was now 12 days ago). Come tomorrow, I will have gone one week without running. One entire week!

I’ve been keeping myself busy with happy hours, holiday shopping, holiday baking and other things that need tending to.

Don’t get me wrong, every day I’m not running, I’m still thinking about running.

I miss it. But, I know I need to actually give my body it’s well-deserved rest time. On Saturday, Phyllis and I will do a little jingling at the Jingle Bell 5K. (Three miles isn’t anything crazy, right?)

In the New Year, we will be running and doing tracks and going crazy.

But, for now, I will do the occasional fun run and just mentally prepare for the next race’s training cycle.


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