The mysterious case of the teeny-tiny gummy bears

It all started on April 1, 2014.

For those of you who noticed that this is April Fools’ Day, then, yes, the date is important. (Also, I cannot figure out where the apostrophe goes in “Fools” … Wikipedia says “Fools'” rather than “Fool’s” so we’ll just stick with that).

I pack my own lunch to work every day. (Well, maybe like once a month I will get lazy and buy lunch). I keep my lunchbox in the fridge — yes, I have a lunchbox because my lunch is just that big! — until it’s lunch time. On this day, when I opened my lunchbox, I found a surprise in addition to the lunch I know I packed. (OK, OK, it’s a bag! But, lunch bag sounds lame!)

It started with one.

It started with one.

One very small package of very small gummy bears. The packaging itself is like 2 inches by 3 inches. I kind of laughed to myself and thought, “Good one, roommate(s)!” Most often I pack my lunch the night before so someone could have very well slipped the gummies into my bag during the night after I had gone to sleep.

When I got home that afternoon, I asked all of my roommates but all four of them denied it. I was puzzled. But, what could I do? It didn’t really bother me. Life went on. I just chalked it up to a humorous little joke. I kept the package of tiny gummy bears on my desk at work by my computer.

But then when I had almost forgotten about the little April Fools’ prank, it happened again! This time about a month later on May 6th. And, this time, it opened my pool of suspects to even more people.


Then there were two.

Then there were two.

This time, I had been at Bryce’s the night before so now he and his roommate were also prime suspects. I immediately sent texts to the two of them and my roommates.

“You must really like gummy bears,” one of my coworkers said to me.

“No, not really. I mean, I like them enough to eat them but I don’t love them. They are not my favorite candy!” I replied.

Since no one was confessing as to who was secretly hiding these tiny gummy bears into my lunchbox, I refrained from eating them. I was unknowingly starting a collection.


A suspect sent me this photo!

At some point one of my roommates sent me a photo of the mini gummy bear packages being sold at Bartell Drugs. I thought that maybe it was her but that would be too easy. Someone else had to be doing this. And, if you look closely at the ones I had received, you’ll notice that the packaging is in German.

Who had been to Germany?

Cprov. Bryce’s roommate took a trip to Germany last year … I finally narrowed it down to him.

But, he denied it!


Too many gummies!

By September, I had accumulated five total — all found in my lunchbox at work.

“Why don’t you check your lunchbox before you go to work in the morning?” friends who had heard this tale over and over again would ask.

The thing is, on the mornings when I would remember to check, nothing abnormal (i.e. gummy bears) would be in there. It’s the days I didn’t check,  that’s when they would appear.

Also to note is that in July, two of my roommates and I moved into a new house. This eliminated the other two roommates as suspects. At least my pool of jokesters was smaller now.

Somewhere in the mix I had to add in one of my coworkers to the suspects list because it dawned on me that she could be sneaking into my lunchbox at work when I didn’t know it. It’s not like my desk is next to the fridge! But, then eventually she got eliminated because she got another job elsewhere in the fall.

I decided to just let it go. Maybe one person started the first prank but now multiple people were in on it. It was time to move on.

But, then came Halloween.

On Oct. 31, I hung out with my two roommates early in the evening. They helped me chalk dye my hair for my costume. (Yes, chalk dye is a thing!) Bryce, Cprov and I went to a Halloween party at my old coworker’s house. (Yes, the same coworker who was formerly on my suspects list).

It was a fun night of limited edition “bones” Cheetos, Halloween merriment and good fun.

When the night ended and I got out of the car to go inside, I was holding my rain jacket and “out of nowhere” something dropped to the ground.


A Halloween nightmare ...

A Halloween nightmare …

Another darn tiny Haribo gummy bear package! (This time American though!)

I yelled in “frustration” and screamed: Everyone is back on the list! (as I pointed at Cprov and Bryce).

That rain jacket was everywhere with me that night. It was at my home (obviously) so my roommates could have easily slipped it in my coat pocket then. It was on the floor of the house party so my friend could have sneaked it in my coat at that time. It was in Bryce’s car so he or Cprov also could have placed the gummies into my coat at some point.

I’m back at square one.

And, yesterday I finally ate one of the packages of teeny-tiny gummy bears because I was hungry.

They were kind of hard and stale already.

So, if you are reading this and know who is behind these teeny-tiny gummy bears, please let me know so I can sleep at night.

If you are the one who has successfully pulled off this April Fools’ to Halloween prank, please come forward so I can congratulate you in person.

Because, seriously, the gummy-jig is up!


3 thoughts on “The mysterious case of the teeny-tiny gummy bears

  1. I wish this was happening to me. Those are my favorite gummy bears ever and I hope that Bartell’s still sells those mini packs!

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