Home course advantage

When you run at home, you have home court advantage.

You have your city cheering you on.

You know every turn and hill that is approaching.

You have familiarity and security at home.

The Seattle Half Marathon is my home course.

My city is filthy


It wasn’t my first half but I have done it six times.

I’ll be ready for whatever weather the Sunday after Thanksgiving brings. I’ve done this race in the pouring rain. I’ve done it in snow flurries. It looks like it’ll be pretty cold, so even though I hate to race in a long sleeve, a long sleeve it may have to be!

Every Seattle Marathon finishes in Memorial Stadium


I don’t have any time goals for this race.

I just don’t want what happened at the Portland Marathon to happen again.

I will finish with my head up and a smile on my face.

I’m going to finish the race with a positive attitude to conclude 2014 racing.

Because, after all, I’m on my home turf.

And, I’m ready to party with my lovely city of Seattle!


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