Some holiday cheer (in running form)

I have the Seattle Half Marathon coming up in six days.

But, with an unexpected package that came in the mail today, I am a little more excited about this other race.

Jingle Bell Run.

My friends and I did the Jingle Bell Run on a near-yearly basis back in high school. We would be in our “off season” from cross-country so it was a good little “fun run” for us. We tied the jingle bells on our shoe laces and some of us wore Santa hats as we enjoyed the streets of downtown Seattle (and that dang out-and-back in the expressway!) It was always super cold and we never really raced for time, but always had fun.

Jingle Bell Run 2003

Jingle Bell Run 2003

Phyllis and I decided several weeks (a month?) ago to do Jingle Bell this year. She signed the both of us up so it kind of hasn’t been on my mind. And, I guess with the half marathon, all my “running thoughts” have been devoted toward that race!

So, when my race bib and shirt and jingle bells came in the mail today, I was pleasantly surprised and thrilled. Phyllis didn’t even know that they would be mailing us our race packets! What great holiday spirit!

What a festive bib!

Such a festive bib!

Christmas is one month and one day away.

The Jingle Bell Run is 20 days away.

And, my jingle bells and I cannot wait!


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