Songs from the past

“Wow, I haven’t heard this song in forever!” he said.

Forever meant since high school, for Bryce. I had the radio playing in the car and we couldn’t decide if it was an old Goo Goo Dolls or Matchbox Twenty song we were hearing.

They say smells can really bring up memories. I agree.

I think sound — mainly songs — can also do the same.

I have a bunch of music on my computer, most of which I hardly ever listen to. I’m the type of person who used to buy a CD and would listen to the album over and over and over and over again for weeks on end. I would listen to it until I memorized the lyrics to most of the songs (and I’m pretty bad at memorizing song lyrics just because half the time I hear something different from what the artist is actually singing!) I would listen to the songs while driving. I would listen to them while at home. I would listen to them with my headphones in as I did homework or studied.

The CD player in my car broke many years ago, so now it’s just the radio on my commute to and from work. (I know, I don’t even have one of those adaptors for my phone!)

But, every once in a while when an “old” song comes up, I am reminded of another time in my life. I’ll remember exactly what grade I was in. I’ll remember the song from a school dance. I’ll remember singing to it with my friends in middle school at a sleep over. I’ll remember the way the song made me feel — usually happy, but sometimes not.

So, forever more, the following will always be songs from [insert grade/year/age]:

Life in Cartoon Motion, MIKA – Sophomore year of college.

Songs About Jane, Maroon 5 – 16 y/o when I drove myself to school and listened to the album for the better half of an entire school year.

“Hold On”, Wilson Phillips – Elementary school, or even earlier. There are home videos of me singing along to this sister-trio hit.

“Faith”, George Michael – Again, elementary school, or even earlier. I thought it was a catchy song then and I think it still is now. And yes, I know all the words.

Taylor Swift (first two albums) – I was late to catch on to the awesomeness of T-Swift. So, it wasn’t until junior year of college when I listened (non-stop) to her first two albums.

No Strings Attached, N*Sync – Making up dance moves to “Bye Bye Bye” in my room with Gwen in 7th grade.


I know there are more songs I have attachments or associations with, but these are the ones that come to mind right away. It’s all very, you know, nostalgic.




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