Welcome, holiday season

I’m all for the holidays but I’ve never been into Halloween. Dressing up in costume never appealed to me. I wasn’t a kid with a sweet tooth so the candy didn’t attract me either. (I’d rather trick-or-treat for bags of chips than tons of candy).

Halloween 2014

Halloween 2014

So, now with Halloween good and done, we can focus on the real holiday season.

My cousin told me that yesterday, Nov. 1, Starbucks was serving up their drinks in their holiday red cups. I finally got mine this morning.

Holiday happy!

Holiday happy!

Then it was a drive just outside Seattle to hike to Annette Lake. A leisurely 7.5-mile jaunt that was easy on my post-8-miler legs. It was grey when we started but the rain thankfully held off. Yellow and red leaves were either on trees or fallen on the ground. Ah, November!

Annette Lake

Annette Lake

When we arrived at the lake, we were surprised to see trees dusted with snow on the mountain tops up above. Winter’s coming, folks!

The weather was cool but not cold. The sun made a few casual cameos.

(Another) #SundaySelfie

(Another) #SundaySelfie

The welcoming of the holiday season arrives with November.

My mom already bought me a chocolate Advent calendar from Trader Joe’s. I got really excited and then sad with the realization that I have to wait an entire month to actually start using it.

“I need a countdown to the countdown to Christmas!” I said to my parents.

I’m so ready to get this holiday season started.

Let’s bundle up in scarves, wear long spandex tights on our runs, eat lots of food — and celebrate.

Whatever you’re celebrating, it’s the most wonderful time of year, right?


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