Those crazy (rain) runners

It was raining so hard I felt like I needed window wipers for my eyes. I don’t think I had ever been caught in rain like this before.

Sunday’s run was probably the wettest I have ever been. Sure, I live in Seattle where it rains “all the time,” but you know, the rain here is usually a drizzle or comes and goes. It is hardly ever a torrential downpour.

With the exception of when I decided to do my long run over the weekend. This would be the first long run of my Seattle Half Marathon training. I wanted to take it easy so Bryce and I decided to hit up the Redmond Watershed. It’s a dirt trail, so easy on the knees and not as hilly as some of the other nearby trails.

When we started off on what was supposed to be a 6-mile run, it was raining lightly. But, since we were running inside the forest-y area surrounded by trees, the rain was tolerable. We had to avoid some fallen branches from the previous night’s storm but it was kind of fun to hop over these obstacles. (The “hidden” rocks were not as fun, especially when one rolls her ankle on them!)

We got to a point on the trail where we could have turned around and made our way back to the car. But instead, we decided to loop around and connect to a different (paved) trail along side a street. I was getting tired of attempting to avoid tripping over rocks that were covered by leaves and branches on the dirt trail and pavement seemed like a safer option.

It was safer, but it was much much wetter.

As Bryce and I continued on this paved trail, we agreed that not being “sheltered” by large trees made a big difference because the rain was now coming directly down on us.

“At least my feet and socks are still dry,” I yelled at Bryce, who was running in front of me, acting as a personal running shield.

I think I jinxed us because as soon as I said this, the rain began showering down harder.

It was difficult to keep my eyes open because it was now pouring.

Bryce said that the cars driving past us must think we were crazy for being out running in this weather.

My shirt was stuck to my stomach. My feet sloshed with every step I took. No longer did I try to avoid puddles, it made no difference.

“Fall’s finally here!” Bryce stated.

“It’s like we’ve gone from summer to winter though!” I replied.

“No, but if it was winter, it’d be hailing right now.”

Jinxed ourselves — again.

The “rain” started to feel like “something.” I looked down at the sleeve of my shirt and noticed tiny white pellets.


We laughed loudly as we continued to run. It never crossed my mind to stop running. But, we couldn’t believe what was happening. All we could do was keeping running — and laughing.

By the time we returned to the parking lot, our car awaited under not-so-stormy clouds. It was now a drizzle, go figure. And as we drove back home, the skies started clearing to blue and the sun even showed itself.

I was cold. Every single part of my clothing and body was soaked. I felt 10 pounds heavier from all the water my clothes had accumulated. I felt tired from the what ended up being an 8-mile drench-fest.

However, I woke up today not being even slightly sore from the run. Despite that being my fourth run since the Portland Marathon, I guess I wasn’t as out of shape as I thought! (For reference, the marathon was more than three weeks ago).

Never have I been on a run that was so miserable that it was so much fun.

But, I guess that’s the attitude you need to have as a runner in the Pacific Northwest.

And, yes, we probably are (a little) crazy.



4 thoughts on “Those crazy (rain) runners

  1. I am so glad we decided to stay near Ballard on Sunday. We pushed our Saturday long run because of the monsoon on Saturday! On Sunday, we didn’t get rained on at all running Ballard/Phinney/Green Lake. Our original plan was to head to Redmond! The hills kicked my butt but I’m glad we stayed close to home.

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