Portland Marathon goals

We’re four days away from race day. So, before my head gets bombarded with thoughts like, “OMG, marathon — Time to freak out!” I’m going to write the following with a clear head.

I’d like the Portland Marathon to go seamlessly for me. I’d like to walk away from the finish. Yes, actually walking away (rather than hobbling away as so it happened in Chicago last year). I’d like good weather. You know, the slightly chilly pre-start temperature that turns into a slightly warm (high 60s to low 70s) race weather. When I cross that finish line, the sun will be out but it won’t be harshly beaming down.

I’d obviously like a lot of things, but there’s a lot I cannot control.

All I can control is my mindset going into (and during) the race.

I am pretty darn confident in the training Joanna and I have put into this marathon. We started back at the end of June and ran through the “grueling Seattle heat” of summer.

So, with that being said, here are my Portland Marathon race goals:

(A) Break four hours — It can be 3:59:59, I just want to break it.

(B) Set a PR — My time to beat is 4:05:26

(C) Finish without any major IT band/knee injury

(D) Finish with a positive attitude


I’d be great if all four of these goals are attained Sunday.

For now, I’m thinking warm, happy thoughts and trying to avoid the pre-marathon nightmares.


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