All in a (sports) weekend

For my birthday weekend, there was hiking, 5K racing, pinball playing and merriment with friends.

For someone else’s birthday weekend, there were sports, sports and sports.

Birthday boy stumbles upon a birthday party

Birthday boy stumbles upon a birthday party


That was fine by me!

A whole weekend of Seattle sports? Yes, please!

Friday night started out with cheering on “our” NHL team, the Vancouver Canucks. Yep, until Seattle gets our own team, this will be the only time I root for a non-Emerald city team! It was my first NHL game and even though it was preseason, it was very fun and exciting. (It also didn’t hurt that we won!)

Vancouver Canucks v. Calgary Flames

Vancouver Canucks v. Calgary Flames


We drove back to Seattle that night after the game. There may have been a late WinCo stop for caffeinated beverages. It was my first time in a WinCo and in my tired state, I felt like I was in a strange Costco-Walmart combo. It was weird.

Saturday morning I woke up and did my last long run before the Portland Marathon. After that was done and out of the way, it was time to focus on the Seattle Sounders! The sun came out and I was surprisingly warm throughout the entire game. (Note to self: buy and bring own hat so I don’t have to steal Bryce’s Sounders cap!)

Sounders FC v. Chivas USA


While the beginning of the match started out a bit funky β€” and not the We’ve got the Funk-kind of funky β€” the boys began to mesh and ended with a 4-2 win!

And then came Sunday. With this past week being a bye week for the Seahawks, our undivided attention was for the Mariners. And, yes, for the record, we bought tickets for this last regular season game at the very beginning of the season. (No bandwagon fans here!)

Seattle Mariners v. LA Angels


It was one of the most exciting baseball games I remember attending. Felix was great. The stadium energy was great. (If only the Rangers had done great, too … but, ah well, there’s always next season for the playoffs!) The M’s came away with the win and although no playoffs, we can be proud of their winning season!

It was a great weekend of Seattle wins.

I may also have stayed up until nearly 2 am Saturday “night” to watch a live stream of the Berlin Marathon. Yeah, I’m not a runner nerd or anything like that! But, I was able to witness the new marathon world record! (Those Kenyans are quite speedy).

Sports, no matter what they are, always bring people together.

I’m pretty tired. But, three sporting events all in one weekend?

Worth it.


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