To race or to blerch

I’ve never done a race that I didn’t race.

Sure, there have been a handful of races where I didn’t train beforehand (and was therefore in mediocre shape) so they were painful (in a bad way) yet “just for fun.” In the moment of each and every one of those races, I pushed myself to my limits as best as I could. (Note: none of these included full marathons … I’m not that crazy as to not train for a full!)

I am 18 days away from the Portland Marathon.

I am also four days away from Beat the Blerch.

I’m doing the 10k race for the Blerch, but I am of course not racing. (The race of my year is Portland!)

One of my friends — who is not a runner but could totally be if she wanted to — informed me a few weeks ago that she is going to walk all 10 kilometers of Beat the Blerch.

I’m pretty sure she is not kidding.

And, since I told her I would stay with her, I guess I will be walking (and jogging,) the race out in Carnation, Wash. this weekend.

I’m looking forward to the cake and purple soda “aid stations” and trying to avoid being attacked by a Blerch. (I am actually quite fearful now that I have seen the costumes.)

I’m also looking forward to convincing my friend to run a little. I know I can run a 10k but walking the entire thing seems exhausting.

But, I guess it’s all in the name of blerching and having fun!

I’ll just remind myself that each bite piece of cake I eat is just pre-carbo loading for my marathon.




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