Happy Taper Time!

I’m currently laying on my couch with my (new) compression calf sleeves on and an ice pack over my right knee. My foam rolling stick is within an arm’s reach. I have a water bottle and a Gatorade on the table next to me.

Yes, tapering has begun, folks.

This is my favorite part of training: taper time!

I’m now officially three weeks away from the Portland Marathon. I get to lay off on mileage. My midweek runs will be “nothing.” My weekend “long” runs won’t even be considered long anymore. I get to focus on taking care of my body, even more so than before. And, I must trust in all the work I’ve already put in over the prior weeks, months.

This morning Joanna and I got dropped off at Marymoor Park in Redmond — thanks for the ride, dad! — and made our journey back to the lovely city of Seattle via the Lake Sammamish River and Burke Gilman trails. Yes, we essentially ran all around the north end of Lake Washington.

It was 20 miles of flat terrain (yes, I planned that) and good company.

Whenever my Garmin beeped, we were pleasantly surprised that another mile had “already” gone by.

I’m not saying the run was all easy. There were definitely moments when I felt that my legs were too heavy and the blister forming under my right foot didn’t help. But, we pushed on. (Oh yeah, and that knobby knee I was freaking out about earlier? I didn’t feel a thing!)

We evenly spaced out when we consumed our gels. We filled up our empty water bottles when necessary. (Thank goodness for volunteers who have ample water for you during races!) I may have had an awkward conversation with a fellow runner, which I am too embarrassed to rehash at this moment.

Longest long run done! [Photo cred: Jo's phone]

Longest long run done! [Photo cred: Jo’s phone]

Our/my goal was to run the 20 miles between 9:10-9:20 pace. We averaged it out at 9:12, which I think is great. And, two of the last three miles were at sub 9 pace!

I’m feeling very tuckered out right now.

But, I feel good.

I’m glad that run is over.

Portland, see you in three weeks.


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