The running freak-out — training edition

It happens to every runner.

You’re smoothly going along in your marathon training and then, (usually) out of no where, it happens.

You think you feel “something.”

This something can by that tweak in your ankle. It may be a numbness in your foot. Maybe it’s a soreness in your calf.

Whatever it is, it’s not normal and it’s therefore FREAKING YOU OUT.

It’s not painful.

But, you’re afraid that it will be painful in the future.

You’re worried about your upcoming race.

It’s nothing, but you’re worried.

For me, it’s my “knobby” knee.

Earlier in the week I noticed it. My right knee just didn’t feel normal. And, it wasn’t even while running! It felt awkward sometimes while walking, going up and down stairs. I continued with the week’s training schedule and avoided hard surfaces.

But, it hasn’t gone away.

I frantically emailed Phyllis, who, you know, is only in med school to give me running and healthcare advice.

My friend quickly responded with articles and links to “patellofemoral pain syndrome” that included stretches and exercises to help prevent/lessen the front knee problem.

This morning I stretched for about 40 minutes, more than I have ever done in one go, like, ever. At one point when I bent my right leg, my right knee popped. It didn’t hurt but it FREAKED ME OUT because it was louder than the “click” noise mentioned in the articles. I iced the knee.

I am going to baby this knee.

It may be nothing.

But, in order for it to remain nothing, I need to do something — the stretching, exercises, wall sits and icing.

Also, as hard as it is to not run when the weather is beautiful and probably one of the last “summer days” we’ll get in Seattle, I am not running today. I am taking a second rest day in a row (gasp!)

Because tomorrow Joanna and I are running our last long run — and our longest of the training plan — 20 miles. And, I’m not going to not do our 20-miler.

I’m just a runner worried about a non-injury.

But, wouldn’t you be freaking out if you were three weeks away from your race?

I’ll be putting the knee to bed early tonight and will read it a bedtime story and softly sing to it. That should be sufficient baby-ing, right?

Sometimes the hardest part about running is all the (not-so-fun) non-running parts involved.

And, it’ll all be worth it when I’m running strong in Portland!




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