A month of August in pictures

When July ended, I got a little “depressed” because all of my planned fun, awesome summer activities were over. Potlatch, the biggest and best ultimate Frisbee tournament of the summer year was Fourth of July weekend as it is every year. Ragnar Northwest Passage happened in the middle of the month. And, I closed out July with the Beyoncé and Jay-Z concert at Safeco Field.

I didn’t have a whole lot planned in August.

But, I’m reminded through pictures*, that a lot did happen.

August 9: Julia and Vonnel's wedding

August 9: Julia and Vonnel’s wedding

My high school friend, Julia, got married at the beginning of the month and I was lucky to celebrate all the love and joy with our group of high school cross-country friends. Nothing like a wedding to bring (almost) everyone together!


August 16: Jackie’s bridal shower

Celebrated Jackie, my very first real-life** college friend with her sweet family and friends.


August 17: Lake Serene hike

August 17: Lake Serene hike

Visited Bridal Veil Falls and Lake Serene in the Central Cascades on a clear Sunday. Falls and lake not pictured … I guess you’ll just have to go for yourself!


August 18: Ritch Mitch in town!

August 18: Ritch Mitch in town!

My college friend, Ritch, was in town for a bit visiting from optometry school. (I know, I know, a lot of my friends are busy being all smart at medical school, optometry school, dental school … and what am I doing??) His visit brought together a lot of friends — he’s quite popular so it seems!


August 21: Columbia Tower 76th floor

August 21: Columbia Tower 76th floor

I’ve lived in Seattle my entire life of 27 years and this was my first time inside of the Columbia Tower. My friend, Gwen, invited me and my friends to her work’s fundraiser cocktail event. The view of the city (and Puget Sound) from the 76th floor was amazing in the afternoon and (of course) into the evening. Seeing my city from this different and mesmerizing — yes, mesmerizing — perspective may have even been better than the drinks!


August 22-23: Shi Shi Beach backpacking

August 22-23: Shi Shi Beach backpacking

Another Shi Shi one, just because

Another Shi Shi one, just because

While some people deem Shi Shi beach to be “one of the prettiest” beaches on the Washington coast, it was a shame it was cloudy our entire stay. But, the beach and Point of the Arches were still pretty in that emo-this-is-the-real-Pacific-Northwest kind of way. And, at low tide Saturday morning, we had the entire arch area to ourselves to explore the tidal pools … guess everyone else didn’t want to wake up at 6 a.m.


With September here, I’m scrambling and trying to squeeze in every last “summer activity” as possible.

I packed a lot into August without even really meaning to, so I think we’ll be fine.

Besides, Seattle Septembers are supposed to be the best part of summer anyway, right?

Summer, please stay a little while longer.



*August marks the beginning of Picture of the Day. It’s an activity my high school friends and I did back well, in high school, where we’d each take one picture each day for one year and document it into an album. (Yes, like a physical album!) My friend, Anna, and I decided at the beginning of the month to start the project again!

**I say “real-life” because my first college friend is probably my roommate in the dorms but we technically met online before the in-person exchange happened. Yep, kids of the tech-century!



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