When running is a chore — literally

Even though my life revolves around running and training for races, sometimes it can seem like a chore.

On those days, I don’t want to run.

I’d rather go home and sit and watch Netflix. Forever.

When this happens, I go through every single running trick in the book.

I find someone to run with me.

I download a very intriguing episode of This American Life and listen to it while on the run.

I try to shame myself by telling myself “all the food” I ate earlier that day, that week, to guilt myself into running.

I run a route I have never run before.

I run without keeping track of my pace.

But, if none of the above works, I tell myself this:

I am training for a marathon. I am training for a marathon that I am going to PR. Go out the door and run!

This little scenario occurred the other day. Running felt like a chore because I turned it into one. I knew I had to deposit checks, buy a new car headlight and some groceries so I mapped out a route that would have me go by my credit union, the auto supply shop and a grocery store. It was six miles of true productivity.

Running can be a chore, but at least when done right it actually helps you eliminate a few tasks off your to-do list!

Who knew running errands could be considered marathon training, right?

If running is going to be a chore anyway, just commit to it and make it a good one.


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